Top DIY Tips And Tricks For Your Home

Doing little jobs around the home, that improve the space for everyone, can be hugely satisfying. There are some things in your home that you can definitely do yourself, there are some things you could do yourself (but it may be easier to get the experts in) and there are some things you definitely shouldn’t do unless you’re a professional.

In this blog post, we look at some awesome DIY tips and tricks for your home, that you can try yourself. Not like knocking down a wall or building a loft conversion – leave the larger projects to our experts!

Scratched Table?

Have you got an unsightly scratch on your table? Then grab a coffee! Make yourself a thick paste of soluble coffee and some water. Gently rub the paste into the scratches until they’re filled, then varnish on top. Alternatively, you can use shoe polish in the same way if your table is a different colour.

Screw Holes?

Do you have unsightly screw holes in your wall? Maybe you had a shelving unit or lots of framed photos up, but have now changed the layout of the room? If you’re becoming tee’d off with your unsightly screw holes, grab a golf tee (see what we did there?). Wedge a white golf tee into the offending screw hole. When you’ve pushed it in as far as it will go, cut off what is left sticking out with a hack saw. Then file and sand down, before painting over.

Squeaky Doors?

Have you got a squeaky door that drives you mad? There’s a way of fixing it and you won’t need to replace it. Have you got any talcum powder? Sprinkle it on your door and this will quieten the squeak. Alternatively, check your kitchen cupboards for olive oil or vegetable oil as this will stop the squeak too. Just use an old rag or a tissue to apply the oil to your hinges.

Bonus Tip: If you’ve got squeaky floorboards, talcum powder can be used on those too. Just sprinkle the talcum powder on the areas on the floorboards you can hear the squeak.

Slipping Rug?

Have you got a rug on your laminate or wooden flooring that slips and slides as you walk on it? This can be a real slip and fall risk for you and your family. We would recommend using some double-sided sticky tape. Placing this under the rug, along the sides and on the corners, will stop it from slipping. Thus, making it safer for everyone in your home.

Dripping Tap?

Have you got a dripping tap that is driving you mad? You’ll need to call in a professional to repair it properly. However, in the short term, we would recommend you use some dental floss. Wrap one end around the dripping faucet and lay the rest into the drain. While it won’t stop the leak, it will stop the annoying drip dripping sound.

We hope you like our top DIY tips and tricks for your home. Please give them a go and share some photos on our social media too. We would love to see how you get on.

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