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So many homeowners have garages which are purely used to store ‘stuff’. The garage is often full of Christmas decorations, old school books, things made by our children in days gone by, garden tools that we may need one day, even though we have the newest version that works perfectly fine.

However, the garage is a huge space and it can be put to much better use. While you are moaning about not having enough space in your home, having to share rooms when guests stay, needing to work from home but not in the kitchen, or just finding kids toys throughout the house – the garage is sat there, a space waiting to help you.

Here at Allbright Property Maintenance we can complete high quality garage conversions and home extensions to give you the extra living space you need. We can convert your entire garage to a whole new room or convert half into living space and the other half as essential storage space.

There are so many different things you can achieve from a garage conversion. The space could extend your existing living space. Alternatively the garage conversion could become a play room for the children, a home office or a gym.

We have created additional rooms with an en-suite and mini kitchen for a granny annex, a guest room or even a space to rent through Air BnB. So much can be achieved from a garage. It doesn’t need to be a cold area where you store things.

It is inevitable that your family will grow and more space will be needed. While moving house is one option, it is not always a good financial decision. In these hard and changing economic times it is often a better option to stay put.

Extending your existing home or converting your garage is a great way to stay in the community and neighbourhood you love, while still having the extra living space that you and your family needs.

Our garage conversion and home extension specialists have completed a wide range of garage conversions and home extensions to extremely high standards. Please check out our gallery to see the excellent work we have completed for other customers, just like you.

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We are happy to advise and guide you through every step of your upcoming works, right through from design to completion. Contact our team now to talk about the additional living space we can offer you and your family.

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