Getting Your Garden Hottub Ready

Having a hot tub or jacuzzi in your garden used to be a dream for when you owned a mansion. However, this dream is becoming more of a reality all the time. Jacuzzis and hot tubs are growing in popularity. They have fallen in price which has made them much more accessible to everyone who fancies a nice relaxing water massage in the garden.

But there are a few things you need to consider when getting a hot tub or jacuzzi. We have listed some of these things below for you.


You will want your jacuzzi to be heated so it’s lovely warm water you are relaxing in. This means you need an outdoor electric supply. This electric socket needs to be covered so it is waterproof and protected from the elements. Our professional team of electricians can install outside electricity for you.


A hot tub or jacuzzi isn’t much fun without water in it. To get water into your hot tub easily, you’re going to need an outside tap. This will allow for your hot tub or jacuzzi to be filled up quickly and easily, so you’ll be able to fill up and top up your jacuzzi on demand.


A hot tub looks so much nicer on a little platform or some decking. You may choose to have a veranda, pergola or beautiful roof over it too. This means you can enjoy sitting back in your jacuzzi throughout the year, regardless of the weather. The decking protects the ground from being squashed by the hot tub. Meanwhile, the jacuzzi is protected from the ground by the decking. It also creates a nicer and more elegant look and feel.

Getting Your Garden Jacuzzi Ready paltform

The Surround

What will you have around your jacuzzi? If you have a roofed area you could have beautiful mood lighting to set the scene. You may want to consider a fridge or outside bar, so you are close to getting drinks while relaxing. This will save you from traipsing in and out of the house. If it will be an area you will entertain guests, think about decking for chairs so guests can relax. You may want an outdoor changing room or cupboard with towels and gowns too.

Hot tubs are a lot of fun. However, to ensure they last the test of time, make sure they are installed safely and by a professional. Here at Allbright Property Maintenance, we can manage all the services above and even landscape your garden to make the perfect setting for your oasis of calm and relaxation.

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