The Amazing Benefits Of A Kitchen Refit

There are so many benefits to a kitchen refit. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your house and is the heart of many homes too. It’s important to look after this much-used room to keep it at its best.

Let’s look at some of the many advantages of a kitchen refit:

Better Functionality

When planning to refit your kitchen you can think about what you like, love, hate and need in your new kitchen. Perhaps you don’t have enough storage or too much? Maybe you would like a built-in fridge, freezer and washing machine to make the kitchen look classier and more minimalistic? We can help plan out the refit for your kitchen, so it offers you a better functionality. We offer a free CAD planning service to help you with this.

Better Energy

Have you found that you have more electrical items than ever before? Now, to use the mixer you need to unplug the toaster, but if you want a smoothie and toast for breakfast you need to unplug the kettle, which means you have to wait for your cup of tea? This is what can be looked at when completing the refit for your kitchen. We can install additional plug sockets for you, but also better lighting for your whole kitchen space, transforming the appearance of your once dull space.

Better Safety

We speak to many homeowners in Peterborough and surrounding areas that have purchased their home for the two of them, but as the family has grown, they are concerned about kitchen safety with young children running around. As a family business, we know the types of mischief children can get into. We will recommend subtle safety improvements to help you. These could be a new non-slip floor, a safe place for sharp knives, high cupboards for cleaning products and a less cluttered space with more storage to create a safer room for everyone.

Better House Value

As the kitchen is the heart of the home, a great looking, useable and safe kitchen will help boost the value of your property. Most kitchen refits will pay off when it comes to selling. It could also speed up the selling process as buyers fall in love with your kitchen and the property as a whole, putting in a reasonable offer quickly so they don’t miss out on your home. A well-planned kitchen refit is an excellent way to improve your kitchen and the overall house.

Call us now to plan out the refit for your kitchen. We can recommend changes to improve the kitchen area and we will give you a free, no-obligation quote. Call or message our team at Allbright Property Maintenance Peterborough to find out more.

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