Common Bathroom Refurb Mistakes Made by Homeowners

Some of the rooms in your home will be easier to refurbish than others. One of the harder rooms to refurbish yourself is the bathroom. Every bathroom refurbishment comes with its challenges. As experienced bathroom fitters in Peterborough, we have seen these challenges first-hand. However, for DIYers, these challenges are potential mistakes and very serious issues if done wrong.

In this blog post, we have put together some of the most common bathroom refurb mistakes made by homeowners. By being aware of these common bathroom refurb mistakes made by other homeowners, you can avoid them yourself or understand the importance of calling in professionals to get the job done right.

DIYing The Whole Bathroom

As we said, other rooms are easier to refurb yourself, like a bedroom or a living room. However, when it comes to a bathroom refurb you’ll likely need extra help. Skilled workmen like plumbers, bathrooms fitters and electricians will be needed too. If you want to do part of the work yourself, make sure you book in these skilled trades too.

bathroom diy

Minimal Planning

Sometimes homeowners can become impulsive and reactive – which can be dangerous when it comes to bathroom refurbs. You’re fed up with your horrible old bathroom so, after a glass of wine or two, you decide now is the time to rip it out. This is such a common, and dangerous bathroom refurb mistake. You need to plan your new bathroom before ripping out the old one. Spend the time thinking about what you want in there, measuring it out and making sure it all fits.

bathroom planning

Storage Space

Storage space is quickly forgotten when you get wrapped up in the excitement of a new bathroom with a bath, a shower, his and her sinks, a heated towel rail and more. Unfortunately, you don’t realise how much storage you need in your bathroom until it’s gone! When you work with professional bathroom fitters, they will make sure they have planned in the storage needs you might have forgotten.

bathroom storage space


Bathrooms are often the most humid areas in the home. However, ventilation is often something people forget. Without proper ventilation, you end up with mould and mildew. This is caused by the build-up of moisture. Mould and mildew, or lack of ventilation can be incredibly costly to rectify. Make sure you think about the ventilation when planning your new bathroom.

bathroom ventilation


The final thing to remember is that a bathroom refurb will take time. There is a lot more work required than you might imagine. If you only have one bathroom in your home, this is something to keep in mind. The benefit of calling in experienced bathroom fitters, like our team, is that you can go away for a few nights or we can do it while you’re on holiday. Then, when you come back it’s all finished for you.

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