Do I Need Planning Permission Or Building Regulations?

We recently shared a blog post that explained what are building regulations, the fact they are always changing, and why you might need them. This is our second blog post in the series of Building Regulations. In this blog, we talk about the difference between planning permission and building regulation along with why your project may need building regulations.

There is so much inspiration out there for home improvements, extensions, and conversions. However, there is very little information out there about building regulations and what you need to know to extend or convert your home. This is why we put this series of blog posts together.

Do I Need Planning Permission or Building Regulations?

If you are considering major building work such as an extension or conversion for your home or business, then you may need building regulations and planning permission. This is because the planning permission and building regulations have separate sets of requirements and processes. However, it depends on where the change to the property is taking place.

For example, if the project is for internal building work you will need building regulations, but maybe not planning permissions. However, if you are having an extension and changing the outside of your home you will then likely need planning permission and building regulations. This is the general rule of thumb, but again, it depends on what is involved in your building project and the type of property you are changing.

What’s The Difference Between Planning Permission and Building Regulations?

Planning permission refers to how a building looks and where it is positioned. This then determines what you can build. Meanwhile, the building regulations control exactly how the project must be built. These building regulations are in place to ensure the completed project is structurally safe and sound.

The planning permission looks more at the environment in which the building is. This will make sure that the local environment is protected concerning the interest of the public. If works are completed without the right planning permission, you could be forced to make changes so the works comply with permissions.

Some home improvement changes can be made without the need for planning permission. These projects are known as ‘permitted developments. If you’re not sure what you will require for your project, then call our team. We have many years of experience working with planning permissions, building regulations, and permitted developments.

Will My Project Require Building Regulations?

Here at Allbright Property Maintenance, we would always recommend you speak to a professional, like our team, before any work starts. You could also call your local authority to check and seek advice about your planned works. They can confirm if you’ll need building regulations, planning permissions, or both. Having worked on numerous projects we can normally give you a very good idea of what you will need and how we can work a project to meet any regulations and permissions.

Why Use A Certass Certified Installer in Peterborough?

By choosing a Certass certified installer you can rest assured that the people you are using are skilled and qualified to carry out your works to extremely high standards. You will know that all work they complete will meet current building regulations because they are certass certified. Once your project is complete you will be issued with a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate that you will need to keep in a safe place.

The team here at Allbright Property Maintenance is fully Certass certified, highly skilled, and experienced. Why not call our team now to talk about your home improvement project?

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