What Do Home Buyers Want From Their Future Homes

By understanding what house buyers are looking for in their future homes, you can make sure your home offers it. This will then make your home more attractive to potential buyers. You could not only get your home sold quicker, but you could also add some serious value to your home.

We have shared some of the results from a recent Rightmove study below for you. You will see we also explain how you can give home buyers what they want from their potential future homes.


What Are Home Buyers Looking For In Their Next Home?


Garden Access

65% of home buyers want access to a garden. Think about how people can get to your garden. If you must go out the front and around the side of the home, this could be an issue for buyers. However, if you were to change a back window for sliding doors this would offer easy access to the back garden and create a lighter brighter living space in your home too.

Bigger Home

43% of home buyers say they want a bigger home. There are different ways you can offer a bigger home. One way is a lot simpler than the others. One example, you could extend your home. Perhaps you have space to the side of your home or a large back garden? This extra space could be used to expand your home. Maybe a loft conversion into a new room could make the home bigger too? Alternatively, de-cluttering your home and freshening it up with a lick of light paint will make a home look bigger and more spacious.

Garage Access

36% of home buyers stated that they would like access to a garage. If you have a garage with your home, then you have already ticked this box. However, there is a way you could make the access to the garage even better. We could help you knock through the garage wall to create a doorway. You can then enter the garage through your home. This space is then ideal for a spare chest freezer, a washing machine or tumble drier for example. Shelving around the side of your garage will show a potential buyer that there is lots of storage space, room for utilities and room for the car too.

Home Workspace

Especially in this current time, more and more people are looking to work from home. The Rightmove study reports that 35% of home buyers would like a better home workspace in their future home. There are a few ways that you can offer this in your home. You could have a garden office at the end of your garden, away from the home. A small room or the box room in your home could be made up to be a fabulous home working space. Your garage or loft could be converted into a home office space.

These are just four of the things that home buyers want from their future homes, along with how you can offer them. Here at Allbright Property Maintenance, we can help you with all these home improvements to enable you to see your home quicker and at a higher value.

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