Branded Office Flooring Case Study

As you will have seen from our social media posts, we recently helped a client with their branded office flooring request. This was a brilliant opportunity to use the strong working relationships with business contacts that we have built up over the years. In this blog post we would like to share this branded office flooring case study with you.

Where It Began

Creative Content Company found a new office during lockdown and they were determined to make it their own. The office was pretty standard. It had plain white walls and dark blue carpet tiles. For Creative Content Company this was the perfect blank canvas to create something special. They contacted us to talk about the flooring. The business has 3 brand colours. These are orange, blue and green. They decided this would be the colour for their floor.

Creative Content Company found a new office during lockdown


What We Did

Orange is not a popular flooring colour. On searching for orange carpet tiles we quickly became aware that these were a more expensive type of tile. Hazel at Creative Content Company said that was fine, she has decided that a branded office flooring was what she wanted, at whatever cost. While some floor fitters may have taken that free reign to just give a quote from the first people we spoke to, we shopped around. We wanted to get our client the best possible price for her branded office flooring.

Branded Office Flooring 1

We found a really well priced flooring supplier that had high quality tiles in the colour of the clients choice. It was important we double checked these colours with the client to ensure we had matched their brand colours perfectly. The client was thrilled and said these were the perfect colours and matched really well.

On placing the order the flooring supplier said that the orange tiles were no longer available. Instead of taking this news back to the client we called up the maufacturers. They confirmed that the orange tiles were no longer available as they had been renamed. They were exactly the same colour and style, just with a new name. If we hadn’t have called the manufacturers and believed what the suppliers had said we would have had a very upset client.

The client was keen to move in as quickly as possible so we arranged for our workmen to go in on Saturday morning at 7.30am. This then gave the client time to move their office furniture into the office and start work on the following Monday. The floor was installed by lunchtime. We were really pleased with the finished flooring.

Branded Office Flooring 2

What The Client Says

I cannot thank the team at Allbright Property Maintenance enough. They went the extra mile at every single opportunity to ensure my needs were met. They could have ripped my off when I said I wanted my coloured flooring at any cost, but they still took the time to find the best price for me. I am so impressed with their level of workmanship, but even more so their customer service. The lockdown was loosening, and work was picking up for them. Yet they still took the time to check everything with me and get me the best price and quality flooring.

I love my new office and feedback from those that have seen it has been really positive too. It matches the personality of the business perfectly. Thank You so much Allbright Property Maintenance. You went above and beyond and made my office floor dreams come true! I do and will continue to recommend you to anyone requiring the many services you offer.

If you think you would like branded flooring in your office, why not give us a call. We can match almost any brand colours to create the best impression for people visiting your office.

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