Upgrading Your Office During Lock Down For A Launch Party

Lock down has been a really tricky and uncertain time for many businesses. However, it has also introduced new opportunities and exciting changes for other business owners. If your business has moved office during the lock down or is now offering new services and products, a launch party is a great way to promote this. After lock down people will be excited to see each other, making your launch party a must-attend event for everyone.

During lock down, while the office is empty, you will also have the perfect opportunity to upgrade, update, refurbish or renovate your office. This is something that the team here at Allbright Property Maintenance can help with. We can socially-distance visit your office, or you can give us a virtual tour office and the changes you would like made.

Here are some examples of improvements of how we can help with upgrading your office during lock down;

  1. Fresh Lick Of Paint – If you haven’t had your walls painted for a while a fresh lick of paint can really brighten them up. Why not consider your brand colours too? This will help make your office space unique to your business and memorable to guests.
  2. Flooring Upgrade – Perhaps the flooring has become worn and tired over the years. There may be stains on the carpet or rips in the flooring. During lockdown is the perfect time for our flooring specialists to pop in and replace your flooring, without getting in the way of your team.
  3. Lighting Improvements – How bright is your office space? If employees are struggling with glare or headaches from bright lights we can take a look at your lighting. It may be that lights are in the wrong place or spotlights would be better. We can also upgrade your lights to LED lighting which will offer better lighting for your office and help you save on your utilities too!
  4. New Kitchen – If you need a new kitchen in your business premises we can install that for you. No matter how big or small the space you have, we can create the perfect kitchen for your office.
  5. Window Replacements – Do you find the windows in your office just don’t let in enough air or natural light? Maybe it’s the opposite and your old windows are letting too much cold in during the winter months? We can recommend the best windows for your office and replace the windows throughout your business premises.
  6. First Impressions – What does your office look like from the outside? Do you have an area that has been left to it’s own devices? This could be a landscaped garden area, seating area created with decking or a patio area for example. First impressions count when potential clients are visiting your office.

Now to plan the launch party! It’s great to share photos of your new office, but what will work even better is people visiting your office. This way they can meet you and see the brand new office for themselves.

Our friends at Elite Events ECL are amazing at organising business launches, office parties, corporate events and similar functions. They can help find the right entertainment to suit your business and guests. The food and drink can all be organised by them too. Their motto when it comes to events is that all you have to do is turn up and look fabulous. The rest really is left to them.

By having a photographer at your office party or launch event you then have loads of great content to share on your website and social media. This will be great for boosting your brand awareness online. However, what will be really great is that you will improve those relationships with people that attend your office party. This will then lead to client loyalty and more referrals too.

If you are thinking your office is in dire need of an upgrade; give us a call. And for all your event needs, contact Helen at Elite Events ECL.

What better way of reminding your customers and clients you are still here than with a party?

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