What Makes Homeowners Want A New Kitchen?

Experts always say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but is it the heart of your home? For some homeowners, the kitchen is a place where they do not enjoy spending time and instead like shutting the door on the kitchen because it is their least favourite room in the house.

So, what is it that makes homeowners want a new kitchen? We came across some research by Staista that looks at exactly this. In the research, homeowners were given a selection of tick boxes and could tick more than one box.

  • 37% of homeowners have always wanted a new kitchen but just haven’t had the means to do it. Now they have the money, the time and the dream of their new kitchen they are ready to start planning their new kitchen.
  • 43% of homeowners just got to the point where they could not stand their kitchens anymore. It was either that the old decor and design, not enough space, not enough worktops, or just a room they were embarrassed for others to see.
  • 28% of homeowners decided that they would like a new kitchen because they had just moved into their new home and wanted to put their personality on the house. They wanted to make the kitchen the heart of their new home.
  • 20% of homeowners had a large built-in electrical item stop working or break. This led them to the decision it was time for a brand new kitchen with brand new accessories.
  • 13% of homeowners had been watching home improvement programs and see their neighbour’s new kitchens. These kitchens had inspired them into updating their kitchens and ‘keeping up the with the Jones’
  • As we all know, family, home and lifestyle change over time. It was these changes that meant 11% of homeowners wanted a new kitchen to meet the needs of their new / growing family and lifestyle needs.
  • Finally, 7% of homeowners were looking at ways to increase the value of the home and speed up the sale of their property. They felt that upgrading their kitchen or installing a new kitchen was the perfect way to do this. Experts agree that a good kitchen will often add value and speed up the selling process of a home.

So, what makes you want a new kitchen in your home? Or perhaps we should ask what is holding you back from a new kitchen?

Here at Allbright Property Maintenance Peterborough, we can talk to you about your kitchen refurbishment. We will help you with the planning of the project and work at times around you and your busy schedule. You tell us what you want from your kitchen and your budget and we can do the rest for you.

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