The Most Popular Colour For Your Bathroom

Every colour makes you feel or react in a certain way. For example, some shades of blue can make you feel cold, while white can be clinical, red can be overpowering and black can be dark and depressing, When it comes to choosing a colour for your bathroom, you need to choose a colour that matches how you want to feel in that room.

In this blog post, we have put together some of the most popular colours for your bathroom. We talk about the colour and the feelings these colours will give you in your bathroom. Please feel free to use this blog post and inspiration for your future bathroom.

A White Bathroom

White is one of the most popular colours for a bathroom. It gives off a clean, pure and fresh feel to the room. If you have a smaller bathroom, then white is a great colour choice as it gives off the illusion of a more spacious area. White is the most obvious colour choice for the bathroom. This makes white a timeless fail-safe colour for the bathroom that will remain ‘in trend’ for years to come.

The Most Popular Colour For Your Bathroom A white Bathroom

A Gold Bathroom

Gold and rose gold are colours that have become popular over the last few years. Gold is a vibrant colour that creates the feel of glamour and class in your bathroom. While you could opt for small details in gold to highlight the bathroom, some people select an assortment of shades to add instant cheer to the room. Remember, gold symbolises wealth in many cultures – so this is a feeling you will create when people visit your bathroom.

A gold Bathroom The Most Popular Colour For Your Bathroom

A Grey Bathroom

As with gold, grey is a colour that has grown in popularity recently – in part due to Mrs Hinch. Grey coloured fitted bathroom furniture blends really with white in a bathroom to create an airy and spacious feel. Grey is a contemporary colour for the bathroom and guarantees that unique aesthetic look. We find that grey works well with different colours and shades too; from simple black and white through to the more vibrant and bold colours too.

A grey Bathroom The Most Popular Colour For Your Bathroom

A Black Bathroom

A sheer black or high gloss black in the bathroom is extremely popular for creating that feeling of luxury and sophistication in the bathroom. Black works well for highlighting other colours in the bathroom too. We feel that black is a conventional colour for the bathroom. It is formal and dignified while being strong and balanced. Whether you choose to use black as the main colour in your bathroom, or just slices of black it will give a great overall decor style to your bathroom.

The Most Popular Colour For Your Bathroom A black Bathroom

A Blue Bathroom

The colour of the sky or the colour of the sea, are the shades of blue people tend to opt for in their bathrooms. A blue bathroom will create an imaginative and inspirational feeling in your bathroom. If you’re relaxing in the tub after a long day or grabbing a quick shower before the day ahead – this is exactly how you want to feel. Blue bathrooms are perfect for soothing you, for helping you feel at peace and relaxed. If you want a bathroom that is the perfect space for relaxation then blue is the colour for you.

The Most Popular Colour For Your Bathroom A Blue Bathroom

A Green Bathroom

Green is well-known as the colour of nature. It is a very calming colour and stress relieving colour. With the world going ‘more green’ it meets the need for a more green environment. Just by having green painted walls, you are bringing the outdoors inside. A green bathroom can be made up of different shades of green. Alternatively, you can introduce earthy shades such as brown, sand and taupe for example.

If you are ready for a change in your bathroom, give us a call. From painting a wall, replacing your bathtub or renovating the whole space – we can help. Check out our gallery for more bathroom inspiration or contact our friendly team at Allbright Property Maintenance Peterborough.

The Most Popular Colour For Your Bathroom A green Bathroom

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