Claim Up To £350 On EV Charging Point: Ends March 2022

If you’ve been thinking about doing your bit for the planet and going green by swapping to an electric vehicle then this is a blog post that you need to read. Alternatively, if you already have an electric vehicle but you are fed up Googling local places to charge it, then this blog post will be of interest to you. Perhaps you are looking to sell your home soon and want to offer something extra special to the potential buyers – we can help!

With the OLEV grant from the government you can claim £350 off your electric vehicle charging point installation. However, you need to act quickly. The OLEV grant of £350 off your EV charging point ends in March next year.

How Does the OLEV Grant Work?

The OLEV grant, also known as the EVHS or Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme grant is commissioned by the UK government. It has been put in place to encourage people to switch to electric cars but offering £350 off the cost of an EV charging point supply and installation.

Most hybrids and electric vehicles will qualify for this scheme as long as it was purchased after October 2016. You must also be able to show proof of your car order, if you do not yet have the car, you must have a parking facility at your home or business and you must use an OLEV approved EV charger installer.

You can even apply for the OLEV grant if your electric vehicle is second hand or pre-owned. You will just need to apply for the grant within 4 months before or 4 months after receiving your secondhand electric vehicle.

EV Charge Points for Homes

You can claim up to £350 against your EV charging point installation if you live in England and use a OLEV approved installer, like the team here at Allbright Property Maintenance.

EV Charge Points for Businesses.

The government also offers financial incentives to businesses, charities and local authorities. These are managed under the Workplace Charging Scheme. The government will provide you with up to £350 per electric vehicle charging point socket. This will be offered on up to a maximum of 40 EV charging point sockets.


As OLEV approved EV charging point installers, we can install your EV charging point for you, and help you claim the OLEV grant from the government. Call us now to book in a free consultation and no obligation quote.

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